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Camada K

La mejor camada de trabajo hecha en México


100% lineas de trabajo

Colonel Cajo vom Schlossrudwalde (BRN 25655/NHSB 3049909) 


*The ONLY titled KNPV and NBvdD Dobermann in the world! 

-KNPV Politiehond 1 LOF 🇳🇱 
>2nd place PH1 (civil) competition 🥈 🇳🇱
Other competitions: 
>7th place National PH1 competition 🇳🇱
>8th/14 place Final NRM PH1 competition 🇳🇱
>6th place 3rd NRM PH1 competition 🇳🇱
>9th/13 place 1st NRM PH1 competition (first competition)🇳🇱
-KNPV Objectbewakingshond🇳🇱
-BH/VZH 🇩🇪
-ZTP (Wiesbaden) 🇩🇪 
-ADpr/UV 🇩🇪
-NBvdD Beveiligingserveillancehond (Security patrol dog) 🇳🇱
-KNPV Politiehond 2 LOF🇳🇱
>Champion PH2 of South Holland 🏆🥇🇳🇱
*First Dobermann EVER 
>Participant National Championships PH2 🏅🇳🇱
*First Dobermann EVER 


-HD: A, nb 40
-ED: 0
-Spondylitis and Wobbler: free
-DM: free
-vWD: carrier
-color: DD/2b
-Cardio (DCM): DNA/Echo/Doppler/24 Holter (11/2017, 0-VES): clear
-Dentition: complete 
-Total skeleton X-ray: 100% good
-DNA profile done: Holland & Germany 
-35 other DNA tests done
-Entered Dobermann diversity project. 
-AKC Registered foreign stud 
(Frozen semen can be collected upon approval. *There is no semen stored for sale)




-KNPV PH1 2016 (first Dobermann in 17 years) 
-KNPV Object BW 2017 (first Dobermann in 24 years)
-NBvdD Security patrol dog 2017 (first Dobermann in 12 years) 
-2nd place KNPV PH1 (civil) competition 2016 (first Dobermann EVER) 
-KNPV Dobermann with ZTP 2017 (first Dobermann in 20 years) 
-KNPV PH2 .... summer 2018 (first Dobermann in +25 years)

Nacimiento: Septiembre 2018


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